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Ruby3.0 and Beyond

Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto

The Creator of Ruby

Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto


API Optimization Tale: Monitor, Fix and Deploy (on Friday)

I saw a green build on a Friday afternoon. I knew I need to push it to production before the weekend. My gut told me it was a trap. I had already stayed late to revert a broken deploy. I knew the risk. In the middle of a service extraction project, we decided to migrate from REST to GraphQL and optimize API usage. My deploy was a part of this radical change. Why was I deploying so late? How did we measure the migration effects? And why was I testing on production? I'll tell you a tale of small steps, monitoring, and old tricks in a new setting. Hope, despair, and broken production included.

Maciek Rząsa

Senior Backend Engineer @ Toptal

Maciek Rząsais a Software engineer specialising in Ruby with over 5 years of experience in various domains. Interested in distributed systems, self-organising teams and writing software that matters. At Toptal where he works, he is involved in a Billing Extraction project in which a complex domain of billing is isolated as a separate service. Knowledge sharing advocate. Co-organiser of Rzeszów Ruby User Group. Speaker at technical conferences and meetups. Instructor at Rzeszów University of Technology.


Debugging Your Brain

Sometimes your mind distorts reality, gets frustrated with shortcomings, or spirals out of control. Learn how to debug these by using research-backed psychology techniques.

Casey Watts

Independent Consultant

Casey Wattsstudied neurobiology at Yale University, and he is a co-author on several neurobiology papers. He has also worked in software development for 10 years, including at Heroku. Casey can play ten musical instruments, and he owns one in every color of the rainbow, most recently a white accordion.


Checking Your Types: An Overview of Ruby's Type System

Typechecking is an exciting feature that distinguishes Ruby 3 and beyond! In this talk we'll explore how types work in Ruby with the future of type checking in mind to deepen our understanding of the value of the new type checking tools and to delve deeper into Ruby types overall. Here's to getting to the root of understanding NoMethodError!

Sabrina Gannon

Senior Software Developer @ Dribbble

Sabrina Gannonis a software developer at Dribbble with a keen interest in what makes for good software design. When she's not hacking away on a script to automate some aspect of her life, you can find Sabrina hacking away on a sewing project or getting way too emotionally invested in whatever piece of media she's picked up next!


Playing a Hand with Ruby Pattern Matching

Ruby 2.7 introduced Pattern Matching, but what can you use it for? How about we play a few hands of poker to find out. This talk explores Pattern Matching patterns through scoring poker hands using named captures, pins, hash destructuring, array destructuring, and more. If you've been waiting for some practical examples of Pattern Matching this is your talk.

Brandon Weaver

Staff Engineer / Ruby Architect @ Square

Brandon Weaveris a Ruby Architect at Square working on the Frameworks team, defining standards for Ruby across the company. He's an artist who turned programmer who had a crazy idea to teach programming with cartoon lemurs and whimsy.


ViewComponents in the Real World

With the release of 6.1, Rails added support for rendering objects that respond to 'render_in', a feature extracted from the GitHub application. This change enabled the development of ViewComponent, a framework for building reusable, testable & encapsulated view components. In this talk, we’ll share what we’ve learned scaling to hundreds of ViewComponents in our application, open sourcing a library of ViewComponents, and nurturing a thriving community around the project, both internally and externally.

Joel Hawksley

Engineer @ GitHub

Joel Hawksleyis an engineer at GitHub and the creator of ViewComponent.


The Rising Ethical Storm in Open Source

The increased debate around ethical source threatens to divide the OSS community. In his book 'The Structure of Scientific Revolutions', philosopher Thomas Kuhn posits that there are three possible solutions to a crisis like the one we're facing: procrastination, assimilation, or revolution. Which will we choose as we prepare for the hard work of reconciling ethics and open source?

Coraline Ada Ehmke

Founder, Organization for Ethical Source

Coraline Ada Ehmkeis at the forefront of the debate on ethics in open source. She is an internationally recognized engineer and activist with nearly 30 years of industry experience. In 2014 Coraline created the Contributor Covenant, the first and most popular code of conduct for open source communities. In 2018, Coraline addressed the United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights on human rights abuses in the tech industry. In 2019 she authored the Hippocratic License, an Ethical Open Source license, and founded the Ethical Source Movement.